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Gallup Q¹²


The Gallup Organization
Omaha, NE


UI Designer
Flash Developer


4 weeks

During my tenure at Gallup, I participated with another coworker in a design competition. The goal: To create the next generation UI for Gallup's employee engagement tool, the Q¹². The competition was judged by the primary Q¹² manager, as well as the CIO and COO of Gallup.

After spending the first week diagramming the Q¹² process, we developed a series of mockups around each step. We then conducted think aloud testing with Gallup Q¹² customer representatives and adjusted the prototypes based on the results and their feedback.


Building an Org Chart

During our initial round of interviews, we quickly learned that building a company's organization chart was difficult and tedious. Many companies didn't have the necessary information ahead of time.

To ease this pain point, we created a UI that allowed users to build their org chart visually, instead of in a spreadsheet.

Our proposed Q¹² org chart builder

Understanding the Results

The Q¹² results consist of a number of scores from each of the twelve underlying questions. A given manager wants to know:

  • How's the company doing?
  • How are my reports (who are managers) doing in comparison?
  • How am I doing in comparison?

We designed a simple bar chart visualization that shows, at a glance, the scores that a manager cares about, and allows for quick comparison with the company average.

A sample Q¹² results screen