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Zachary Sam Zaiss

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In today's market, user experience has cemented itself as a critical product differentiator. People evaluate a product's design as much (or more) than they do its feature list when they decide to buy.

As a UX researcher, design strategist, and user advocate, I'm incredibly pleased with this development. But it also presents a challenge to companies who would compete on the basis of user experience. Throwing designers at a problem is no longer sufficient to ensure a stand-out experience. Everyone in the company — from the CEO to the newest developer — needs to be working toward a clear, powerful product vision.

Design strategists are uniquely qualified to create and promote this vision. Not only are they in tune with the needs and behavior of your users, but they are versatile in their ability to communicate the user story to others.

About Me

I have over eight years of experience crafting and communicating user-centered product visions. In that time, I've learned that there is no silver bullet — every company has unique needs and requirements in building a product vision.

To that end, I've showcased a broad range of communication activities in my selected portfolio pieces — from the traditional (personas and storyboards) to the unique (video sketches and inspiration walls). Take a look!

When you've finished, don't forget to drop me a line and start up a conversation. I'd love to share some more recent work and discuss how to apply these methods in your specific situation. I look forward to hearing from you!